Commitment to diversity

We see diversity as a strength and are working to better promote diversity, equality, inclusion, and become an anti-racist lab. We recognize that BIPOC (black, indigeous, and people of color) are vastly underrepresented in ecology and entomology. This stems from a history of systematic racism in the United States against people of color. We aim to change this. Below is our working code of conduct towards improving diversity and inclusion in ecology and entomology. We will revisit this on a semesterly basis along with discussions of actions that we can take to improve our commitment to diversity.


  • We treat everyone equally and with respect and do not tolerate any form of racism, sexual harassment, or any form derogative or degrading behavior.
  • We speak out against these acts when we see them and report to our supervisor, graduate coordinator, or other authorities. UF has excellent resources for reporting sexual harassment and such as racism, bigotry, or hate crimes through the UF RESPECT Team.
  • We continue to broaden our perspectives through training on implicit bias, inclusion, and ethics through UF offerings and other workshops and webinars.
  • We continue to develop professionally by participating in lab meetings and departmental events, taking workshops and webinars, and engage in other scholarly pursuits.
  • We conduct our science ethically and to high standards.
  • More to come!